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Xbox Series X gets a killer AMD graphics upgrade

Xbox Series X just got a nice graphics update. This is all thanks to AMD’s “FidelityFX” technology, which has just been added to the Xbox X series and S series game development kits (via VideoCardz).

Not only does this mean that the next generation of Xbox consoles can now get similar graphics enhancements to AMD-powered PCs, but it also makes the Xbox Series X much better than the PS5.

FidelityFX is artificial intelligence-based software that can provide developers with many adaptive graphics enhancements to include in the game. These include variable shadows, image sharpness, occlusion from ambient light, reflections from screen space, etc.

The key is that the game’s visuals can be significantly improved without sacrificing game performance in the process. This is especially useful for Xbox Series S because the hardware of the Xbox series is not as powerful as that of the big series X.s.

Unfortunately, since FidelityFX has just been added to the Xbox development kit, it will take a long time to experience its full benefits. After spending some time developing all the games, even if the developers believe it is worth adding FidelityFX enhancements retroactively to previously released games.

There is no FidelityFX on the PS5, which will disappoint those lucky enough to pick up the latest gaming console from Sony. However, this is not to say that it will never happen.

Especially since PS5 uses AMD hardware similar to Xbox Series X, it is packed in a 3.5GHz Zen 2 CPU and a 10.28 teraflop RDNA 2 GPU. So there will be no hardware compatibility issues to worry about.

It all depends on the disposition of AMD and Sony and ensuring that the PS5 development kit can use the same technology. We just want it to happen sooner rather than later. Especially all the great PS5 exclusive games coming out soon.

By Gaby Lewis

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