U.S Led Climate Summit to be Addressed By China’s Xi JinPing on Thursday

Chinese President Xi Jinping will deliver a videoconference address at the Global Leaders Climate Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden on Thursday. Many people hope that as the tension between the two countries subsides, the leaders of the world’s two largest economies and the most carbon-polluting nations will hold their first meetings on the summit’s sidelines. Since taking office in January, Biden has maintained former Chinese President Donald Trump’s tough stance on Beijing, thus calling China the “most serious competitor” to the United States.

Xi Jinping and Biden spoke on the phone in February before the Chinese New Year. Reducing carbon emissions is one of the few areas in which China and the United States have indicated they can cooperate, and last year they announced with Xi Jinping that Asian countries are striving to the peak. Achieve carbon emissions by 2030. Last weekend, the United States and China jointly issued a comprehensive statement on how the two countries will respond to the “climate crisis.”

Before the statement, US special envoy for climate affairs John Kerry and Chinese Foreign Minister Xie Zhenhua held a two-day meeting in Shanghai. At the Boao Forum for Asia opening ceremony on Tuesday, Xi Jinping declared that China would support “green” development, especially in the “Belt and Road” initiative. Critics say the infrastructure development plan is part of Beijing’s attempt to increase its influence in the region’s less developed countries.

Xi Jinping did not mention the name of the United States in his speech but said that the major powers must act responsibly and that China will not seek hegemony or “sphere of influence.” More than three weeks have passed since Biden invited 40 world leaders to participate in the two-day meeting scheduled for Thursday and Friday. Xi Jinping announced on Wednesday that he would attend the climate summit.

By Gaby Lewis

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