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The Ricky and Morty season 5 episode “Mortiplicity” reveals the infinite Smith family decoys in one of its most confusing episodes. To the original Smiths, most of the decoys look identical, but some vary wildly in their composition, the Smiths as puppets and resembling Texas Chainsaw Massacre lookalikes. Only one family could remain in the end; whether they will be original Smiths remains to be seen.

Types of Smith family decoy and how they were created –

The Squids – With squid aliens, “Mortiplicity” begins eliminating the decoy family. Each decoy family believes that a race of squid aliens is trying to eliminate them all, some begin to hide, and some begin to take out other families. To escape elimination to disguise themselves, one version of Rick decides to dress the family in squid costumes. While they are dressed up as squids, another squid ship begins to attack them. After defeating them, the family realizes the squids are just another decoy family disguised as squids.

The Puppet Decoys – Among all the decoys in season five, the puppet decoys are some of the most intriguing. They are similar to the reject decoys because they don’t resemble the original Smiths very well. They are made with grandfather clock mechanics and wood, and some electronic component is there in their voice. They differ from most other decoys and the rejects because they do not want to kill other decoys but unite them instead.

Basic Decoys – These are just the run-of-the-mill decoys. They behave and look exactly like the Smith family. The audience has come to love Rick and Morty. In the episode, most decoys seem to be basic decoys, and toward the beginning of the episode, they’re the only decoys. Each of the basic decoy families is revealed in succession. To Rick and Morty’s original Smith family, these decoys are so accurate; they must take very significant measures to find out whether or not they’re decoys. It seems that the original Rick made these decoys or one of the first few generations of decoys.

The Reject Decoys – Each Rick began to realize that the decoys made decoys themselves. They began to possess each generation of decoys less of the original Rick’s intelligence, and each began to get lazier. The quality wasn’t the best after a few generations of decoy-made decoys. In the woods, while trying to escape from the squids, Ricks kidnapped one of the Smith’s families who was wearing a loose mask on Rick’s face.

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