Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

The Flash season 7 ending wrapped up the Arrowverse show’s latest storyline while setting up the future season. The season 7 ending resolved the Godspeed Civil War story, bringing back several familiar faces in the process. To the season’s main storylines, the episode provided a satisfying end and provided a shocking twist. Now the audience is wondering what store for season 8.

Season 7 was the shortest one, with only 18 episodes due to production delays due to pandemics. Still, the show writers were able to show lots of things in this season. For 1st half of the season, after finishing the Mirror Mistress arc, the Arrowverse had its take on the New Forces from the DC Universe. In the 2nd half, Iris and Barry decided to start a family so that Godspeed returns, allowing his story to be resolved.

A speedster was featured as the main villain previously in The Flash. For one main reason, the Godspeed war stood out: several speedsters like XS, Impluse, Jay Garrick were recruited by Barry to help fight the Godspeed army. The arc became the biggest Flash Family storyline of the series because of the enormous threat that Godspeed became. Barry and Iris got married after Godspeed was defeated. But one major plot thread was left unsolved at the end.

Following the dramatic and exciting ending in the 150th episode, the season 7 finale expanded upon August heart’s true motives as he wanted to possess organic speed. If Barry gave August what he demanded, only Godspeed clones could stop terrorizing Central City. Barry gave what August wanted after the Flash Family tried to stop the clones, but Godspeed went back on his promise in true villain fashion. August had organic speed in his system; Iris and Barry put plan B into motion using the Negative Speed Force to stop the psychotic speedster.

While Godspeed and Berry hit it out, the Reverse-Flash reemerged. Reverse-Flash and The Flash had to put aside their differences to fight Godspeed together as a team. A lightsaber-like weapon made from Speed Force energy was created by Godspeed and eventually stabbed Godspeed. But Godspeed survived and was locked up at Iron Heights, and that brought the Civil War to an end. Season 7 was pretty ambiguous about what was next for Impluse and XS.

By Gaby Lewis

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