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Many series are line-up for DC TV, and most of them are scheduled for HBO Max release. The shows are based on DC Comics, an American comic book publisher and the flagship unit of DC Entertainment.  Due to this current pandemic, there is great scope for expansion on streaming services and studio executives’ interest in building film franchises on the small screen. The focus now has been more on developing more DC TV shows. Reportedly some of them are already in the production process and will be released in 2021 or 2022, while others have yet to begin production.

The upcoming DC TV Shows


This is an upcoming American TV Series created by James Gunn for the streaming service HBO Max. The TV Series is based on the DC Comics character peacemaker and is a spin-off of The Suicide Squad (2021 film). It is the 1st TV Series in DCEU. After the events of the film, it is set but also explores the origins of Peacemaker. Peacemaker is a self-styled superhero and to maintain world peace, willing to use any means. The series is produced by The Safran Company and Troll Court Entertainment in association with Warner Bros. TV.

In the title character, John Cena will be seen, and he will reprise his role from The Suicide Squad. The other main stars include Chukwudi Iwuji, Freddie Stroma, Jennifer Holland, Robert Patrick, Danielle Brooks, Steve Agee. James writes all eight episodes of the series. From January to July 2021, the shooting happened in Vancouver, Canada and James directed 5 of the episodes. The TV Series is set to release in January 2022.

Strange Adventures

This series will be debuting on HBO Max and will be produced by Greg Berlanti, an hour-long anthology series that will explore the lives of average citizens and superheroes. Each episode in the series will tell a different cautionary tale and introduce many characters across the DC canon. The early stories revolve around post-apocalyptic knights, giant hands, gorilla scientists, robot overlords, space adventurers, alien invaders, and other wild concepts.

The main character will be Adam Strange, an interstellar-traveling superhero. He was also seen playing the lead role in the DC Comic of the same name. The series will be a pulpy sci-fi series in the vein of DC’s original comic run, which will make it different from the crowd.

Justice League Dark

The popular comic book series Justice League Dark is being taken by J.J. Abrams as a new producing project. This series will be a live-action Justice League Dark TV series produced under Abrams Bad Robot production label for HBO Max. His production house had signed a deal with WarnerMedia in 2019 in which TV shows, films, video games, and other types of content for the next five years. It will be a part of a larger JLD universe, spanning film and TV. WarnerMedia hasn’t announced any details about the series. The plot and the characters are kept under wraps. The announcement of the release date is still awaited.

Naomi –

As per sources, the CW has ordered a new show called Naomi to series in May 2021 based on the recently introduced character Naomi McDuffie aka Powerhouse. The atmosphere of Naomi’s Earth degraded, and then some sought radioactive energy to break, affecting 29 people. These 29 people got a superpower. Most of them died, but eight metahumans remained, and out of the eight, two had a daughter called Naomi. The series would premier sometime in 2022. Plot and casting details are still awaited. 

DC Superhero High –

Max Handelman and Elizabeth Banks are developing a live-action version of DC Superhero High for HBO Max. The series will be a comedy series that will run for half an hour. It will be a teen show which focuses on the “fun and drama of adolescence at a boarding school for gifted kids.” No one has been cast for the show, and no details have been shared regarding the plot, cast, and release date. 

Green Lantern –

In 2019, it was announced that HBO Max is developing Green Lantern TV Series, and in 2020, the show scored a 10-episode, straight-to-series order. As per updates, Seth Grahame-Smith will serve as showrunner and co-writing with Marc Guggenheim. HBO Max also revealed that the series main lineup characters include human Lanterns, Alan Scott, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Guy Gardner, and alien Lanterns Sinestro and Kilowog.

Not many details are available regarding the plot and villains of the series. The date of release has also not been disclosed. But this series is one of the DC TV shows currently in the works for HBO Max that may not be a part of the ongoing DCEU.

Gotham PD –

The untitled Gotham PD shows will be set in the same universe as The Batman Film by Matt Reeve. The film the set to arrive on 4 March 2022 and stars Richard Pattinson as the caped crusader. Joey Barton will be the showrunner for the series, focusing on the Gotham City police department and Jim Gordon. As per reports, there is no confirmed release date for the series, but it’s been in the development process since last year. Not many details are available regarding the plot of the series.

In July 2020, it was reported that Matt Reeves and Terrence Winter were collaborating to develop a TV series that linked into the new Batman movie Reeves is currently directing. The idea is to develop expanding the DC universe across multiple platforms. The setting will be Gotham’s police department, which is riddled with corruption.


HBO Max announced in February that a reboot series of DC Comics Hellblazer’s Constantine, developed under J.J. Abrams, is coming up. This will be a part of the Justice League Dark project and a live-action series from Bad Robot. An iconic character who has been around for decades and has seen lots of adaptions. As per reports, under the titular role, a BIPOC actor will be cast. In the Arrowvers, Matt Ryan currently plays John Constantine. The details regarding the date of release, plot, and the cast are kept under wraps.

Madame X

J.J Adams is adding another DC Comics-inspired TV series to his name. He is teaming up with Angela Robinson for HBO Max for this scripted drama series to adapt DC’s Madame X . As per the sources, the project is in the early stage of development and will be executively be produced and written by Angela. In 1978 Madame X  was 1st seen in the DC Comics universe and was part of the Justice League Dark universe. She has precognitive abilities and is an immortal being. She was never the main character in her stories, but she often got involved in her patrons’ adventures. The details regarding the date of release, plot, and the cast are kept under wraps.

Val-Zod –

Michael B. Jordan and his production company Outlier Society develop their own Black Superman project for HBO Max. The series will mainly focus on the Val-Zod incarnation of the character. As per sources, the series is in the stage of development, and the scriptwriter is working on the script. Val-Zod is a Kryptonian like Kal-El, and he fled to Earth upon their home planet’s destruction. The details regarding the date of release, plot, and the cast are kept under wraps.




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