Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

The Catalan Health Service (CatSalut) reveals that there is a list of more than 640,000 patients who are waiting to be treated. Of these, more than 144,000 still do not receive a call that sets a date for pending operations and related treatments, which places Catalonia as the autonomy with the largest surgical delays in Spain.

However, the most bulky data in this regard are the more than 355,000 people who still do not receive results from their consultations with medical specialists. It is true that Covid has disrupted all primary care and specializations and that the third wave has led a good percentage of physicians to move to the front line in the fight against the pandemic.

But it is also true that the evolution that the waiting lists show worries in the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat. This is indicated at least in the environment of the counselor Alba Vergés, where they assure that “the increase in patients is becoming a problem that will explode when the pandemic passes, if not before.” Despite this, the Ministry assures that they still do not have solutions to reduce the waiting lists.

RTVE’s workforce is currently made up of 6,700 workers, almost 300 more than two years ago. This increase in numbers powerfully draws attention, since it occurs in the midst of the economic crisis caused by Covid.

But it is even more surprising when it coincides with the temporary mandate of Rosa María Mateo and the audience free fall that public television has shown since then. As if that were not enough, the management keeps scrupulous silence about the reason for the new incorporations, which has unleashed rumors in RTVE.

In fact, in the corridors of the Corporation there is already talk of the creation of parallel newsrooms in front of the official ones in the News area “whose sole objective is to ensure that the news that is broadcast agrees with the interests of the Government.”

The increase in infections in some offices of the Tax Agency has forced the Ministry of Finance to close a good number of delegations. Specifically, it is said that some 20 offices located in 10 different provinces have had to temporarily lower the blind while waiting for the rate to decrease. “These closures pose an added problem,” they say from the Treasury.

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