Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

Nanotechnology has been in a leading position in terms of medicine or any other field. Constantly researches are conducted in the Nanotechnology field to discover new things that could be helpful to mankind.

Recently in research conducted at the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine, nanobodies were produced which proved to be effective against COVID in Hamsters.

The hamsters were made to inhale the nanobodies which proved to be successful in treating severe COVID 19 diseases in hamsters and lowered the symptoms as well.

These nanobodies are similar to that of monoclonal antibodies which initiate the immune system in humans. The nanobodies are quite smaller in size as compared to that of the monoclonal antibodies and these are cost-effective as well as easy to be produced.

This study was published in the journal of Science Advances in which the researchers explained that the rapid weight loss in hamsters due to Coronavirus infection was controlled after they were made to inhale the nanobodies.

These nanobodies were named nanobody 21 or PiN-21. The researchers further said that they not only controlled weight loss but also reduced the viral load from the nasal cavity, lungs, and throat when compared to the group administered with placebo.

An assistant professor from the Department of Cell biology of Pittsburgh University said that inhalation therapy will directly act upon the infection site like lungs and throat. These are shown to be very effective in lowering the infection directly.

He also added that this would probably prevent human-to-human transmission and can save from severe infections.

The scientists also claimed that these nanobodies do not cause any harm to vaccinated people. They work in complementary to the vaccines and will improve immunity. They also added that it did not help people who have COVID infection but can also provide immunity to some extent to those who are yet to be vaccinated.

By Gaby Lewis

Gabby is a postgraduate in biotechnology and has an immense interest in following technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Chess player. He is responsible for handling the office staff writers and providing them with the latest updates happenings in the world of technology.

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