Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

MCU president Kevin Feige reveals what went down behind the scenes from their brief split with Sony over the companies’ Spider-Man collaboration. The partnership between the studios in 2015 allowed the MCU to feature Peter Parker after years of being isolated in his own franchise. The character played by Tom Holland has now appeared in five films. Two of them are his standalone adventures, and another two are Avengers blockbusters.

MCU didn’t waste time after the deal was finalized, incorporating Peter into the franchise, introducing him in Captain America: Civil War. In this way, they could develop his relationship with other heroes, particularly Iron Man. He has been the character mentor until his death in Avenger: Endgame. Not all audiences are happy with how the Spider-Man is handled in the universe. Critics have cited that how Peter has been reduced to a mentor in MCU when he can be a hero capable of standing on his own feet in the comics. The audience was even more upset that Spider-Man for a temporary will not be available in MCU.

Kevin revealed that people from both Sony and Marvel Studios were also emotionally impacted by the split. He also said that he was grateful that Spider-Man was there in MCU at one point in time. He could not get into specifics; he shared a new video on Rotten Tomatoes that, in the end, they decided to move ahead with the deal and not let politics complicate.

Holland had already shared that his experience was extremely tiring and demanding. What made it worse is that during D23 2019 it talked about the town where MCU was announcing its phase 4 slate, and he was there to promote the film Onward (animated), which he co-starred with Chris Pratt.

According to former Disney CEO Bob Iger, the young actor played a part in brokering a new deal between Sony and Marvel Studios, which has kept Spider-Man in the MCU, which is why Spider-Man: No Way Home is happening.

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