Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

For several franchises, Disney+ has become an unavoidable corner, with short films and TV shows that tie directly into bigger universes. It started in 2019 with The Mandalorian, and it’s continued with Marvel’s The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision, and Loki in 2021. Some of the series was supposed to release last year, but due to Covid got delayed.

Marvel plans to interweave TV Shows and MCU films together. Open concepts are introduced in TV that are expanded on in cinema. With Marvel TV shows, the studio can risks that otherwise are either not easy to do or won’t have been possible. Bringing back certain MCU characters is interesting, and that has been the case with 1st three series. In the Marvel Studios’ TV initiative, new characters will join the fold in the next two to three years.

Marvel TV shows that are yet to release in 2021 –

What If…? – Begins the studio’s foray into the multiverse. It will release on August 11, and actors from all across MCU will be brought back, and many of whom reprise their roles but with certain twists. For example, Michael B. Jordan is the King of Wakanda, and Hayley Atwell is now Captain Carter. It is an animated series, and Marvel Studios can revisit the critical moments in the franchise with new characters. The series is believed to be a standalone series without any repercussions for the overarching franchise.

Ms. Marvel – A series that brings the teenage superhero Kamala Khan into the MCU. Marvel wanted to explore adapting the series on the big screen. But that ultimately turned into a TV project. Iman Vellani will be again seen as Kamala. In some ways, her story might be faithfully adapted, but there will be a handful of changes for sure. The release date has not been announced yet but is planned for 2021.

Hawkeye – It is the 1st solo project for Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton. Jeremy has appeared in every Avenger film and the MCU having a handful of standalone projects. The series follows the footsteps of Black Window and introduces a new version of an Avenger. Hawkeye (Kate Bishop), played by Hailee Steinfeld. Throughout the show, she will appear and seemingly be trained under Hawkeye. The date of release date has not been announced yet but is planned for 2021.




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