Tue. Oct 19th, 2021

Joe Quinones Batman ’89 artist has released the first look at Marlon Wayans’ Robin. Tim Burton had wished to introduce Robin in Batman Returns, and this was well documented. Things didn’t go as plan, but Robin never showed up. This because of the film’s producer who thought there are too many characters. The same thing happened to Billy Dee Williams’ Harvey Dent, who was supposed to transform into the villainous Two-Face and be another foe for Batman to face.

Before production began on Batman Returns, Marlon Wayans was cast as Robin. Director Tim Burton was determined to bring Wayans’ Boy Wonder into his Batman universe despite Robin being cut from Returns and planned to introduce him in Batman Forever. But Tim never made his 3rd Batman film and was instead replaced by Joel Schumacher. Batman Forever was taken in a different and new direction than the world Tim had established, and Chris O’Donnell replaced Wayans as Robin.

Now, Joe Quinones Batman ’89 artist has shared a preview via Twitter of the series’ Robin. Batman ’89 will bring so many new concepts, Marlon Wayans’ likeness can be seen. The classical Robin color scheme of yellow, green, and red features in Quinones’ preview. In another Tweet from Quinones, the audience already know that the classic Robin logo will be worn. However, there are some significant differences in the overall look of the Robin suit.

The costume that Robin wore is very different from the action figures released alongside Batman Returns, which they sold despite him not being in the film. Those figures describe Robin in a more traditional outfit. The outfit is similar to the comics and Burt Ward’s costume in Batman ’66. Robin has a yellow and green hood to go with his outfit, as shown in Quinones’ drawings. This is an exciting deviation from what the audience might have been expecting. This Robin can be seen wearing a yellow mask. The reason for these two new additions remains unclear. It’s exciting enough to catch a glimpse of Marlon Wayans’ Robin, and the audience is eager to see him in action.

By Gaby Lewis

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