Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

On Tuesday, according to the data published, the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said that half of the adults of the US are Completely vaccinated with both doses. The data is taken as the key to success in the immunization program of the country.

A senior from White house adviser Said on Tuesday that major milestones have been achieved with the help of Vaccination and immunization programs.

The vaccination rate was nearly 1 % at the start of this year i.e. in January and now the percentage has increased quite well.
The milestone nationwide has been achievable since the people came forward to take their first shot of vaccine which eventually reflected in decreasing cases of COVID 19.

Now the health Officials and state officials are asking parents about their willingness to get their children vaccinated.
The officials are asking parents to get their children vaccinated who are aging 12 and above, As earlier this month the health officials have approved the Pfizer vaccine for the age group of 12 and above.

Recently on Tuesday the modern company also said that it will seek permission from the Food and Drug administration to administrate its COVID vaccine to children aging 12 and above For emergency usage.

Recently the official from the White House encourages the efforts of government and business people who are asking to get vaccinated and in return, they are planning to provide rewards that would worth millions of dollars.

Although the vaccination drive is going quite well and people are coming forward to get vaccinated, there are still 9 states left were even the first dose Of COVID vaccine for adults are yet to be administrated.

But Vermont is the state Where almost 82% of the people are vaccinated at least with one dose of the vaccine and is leading other states in the vaccination program.

Officials also added that they will be trying their best to procure all the vaccines and get each and everyone in this country vaccinated and win over the pandemic.

By Gaby Lewis

Gabby is a postgraduate in biotechnology and has an immense interest in following technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is an avid Chess player. He is responsible for handling the office staff writers and providing them with the latest updates happenings in the world of technology.

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