Tue. Sep 28th, 2021

The Parliament starts the legislature with a gafe number (13th), correcting and increasing the rhetorical challenge of the majority of pro-independence deputies.

The leadership of the Chamber has more sovereign members than ever and it is presided over by Laura Borràs , who opens with a speech of pulse against the “interference” of the State and promising – again – that this will be the key legislature for independence.

However, in the premiere of the new season the internal turbulences of the previous one continue: the CUP , despite entering the Table thanks to ERC, did not support Borràs, and the ‘comuns’ and ERC no longer hide that the Government of “wide road” with the brand of Jéssica Albiachit will not be possible.

Nor do the Republicans hide their anger with JxCat because the same day they gave their votes to Borràs, Puigdemont and Borràs herself did not guarantee their support for Pere Aragonès to be sworn in within fifteen days.

The voting of the Table reflected a large pro-independence majority (five seats out of seven), but also the combination of the two members of ERC and the two of the PSC add up to a majority in this decisive body of Parliament.

Until the last minute, the ‘comuns’ tried to wrest ERC’s support from one of their candidates, but the Republicans demanded gestures of support for Aragonès in return. However, the bridges between the two formations have not been broken.

Meanwhile, Junts decided to send the strongest voices against the State to Parliament. Some in the party see Borràs relegated to the background after failing to beat ERC in the elections.

Relegated her and relegated Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas , secretary of the Table and also a figure of the most radical unilateralist sector.

By Ray Kroc

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