Tue. Sep 28th, 2021
Broadway Crowds

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced today that Broadway will reopen completely in September of this year following state health and safety guidelines. From May 6, throughout May, tickets for Broadway shows (which will begin on September 14, 2021) will be sold at 100% of the theater’s capacity. Today’s announcement builds on the reopening of limited performing arts and live entertainment venues last month and sets the stage for Broadway performances to return to theaters this fall.

Governor Cuomo said: “Broadway is the core of our New York image and an important part of our economy. It has countless artists and show creators. Starting in September of this year, the show will continue.” “Visitors from around the world. Everyone came to New York to experience art and culture, and see iconic performances on Broadway. Sadly, the pandemic halted this unique New York experience. Fortunately, as we continue to monitor the data and reopen financially, we are in time to resume Broadway operations in full swing in September of this year, returning to this world-renowned attraction. “

Broadway Alliance President Charlotte St. Martin said: “On behalf of nearly 100,000 people on the Broadway stage, behind the scenes, and from across the city and state to earn a living, today we have the support of Governor Cuomo and I am very satisfied. This is one This complex work requires a lot of production time to reestablish continuous contact with audiences across the country and around the world. Broadway is the heart of New York’s tourism industry, and we are eager to beat our hearts in front of a joyous audience.

Sarah Barrels, Broadway Music Waitress singer, songwriter, actress, songwriter, and lyricist said: “The Broadway community and its fans have something to celebrate! The news we’ve been waiting for is finally here. In the fall, my actors, musicians, and team members have been able to do what we love the most: it has been almost 18 months since we performed live in theaters packed with New York audiences. I can’t wait as soon as possible. Back on stage. Nothing better than Broadway. “.

New York State will continue to work closely with Broadway industry partners to plan a safe and successful return to this world-class cultural experience. With changes in public health conditions and New York State guidelines for performing arts and live entertainment events, Broadway stakeholders will continue to be flexible and adapt to applicable sanitation protocols, such as face coverings. , health controls, better air filtration and ventilation, and strict cleaning and disinfection…

The availability of pre-sale tickets and performance marketing began a months-long process of reopening at full capacity, providing the impetus to maintain many successful and long-term Broadway operations. The Governor, Department of Health, Empire State Building Development Corporation, and state government agencies collaborate with industry to create a safe and healthy environment for the public, artists, and employees to enjoy, perform and work. If the performance must be postponed for public health reasons, the theater plans to provide customer-friendly exchange and refund policies.

To support the entertainment industry in New York City, the budget for the fiscal year 2022 includes $ 1 billion in small business aid and arts and recovery assistance, including the Theater and Music Production Tax Credit Program. of New York City, which can provide up to $ 100 million. The tax credit quickly started the industry and revitalized New York City’s tourism industry. Under the plan, works planned for the first time before December 2022 are eligible for a 25% qualification fee credit.

Before the pandemic, nearly 250,000 people performed on Broadway each week. Broadway supports nearly 97,000 local jobs and contributes approximately $ 14.7 billion to New York City’s economy each year. For more information, visit the Broadway Alliance, your trade association.

By Gaby Lewis

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