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The French police are investigating the mysterious disappearances of at least four women in the last three months in different parts of the country and do not rule out that it is the work of a serial criminal.

As reported by The Sun , the women disappeared while at home or after having gone for a run, and they have not been heard from. The agents are working “with all possible hypotheses.”

The first woman sought is Delphine Jubillar , 33, from Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn department, in southern France, and she has been missing since the night of December 15-16.

The second alleged victim is Aurelie Vaquier , 38, who disappeared on January 28 in the town of Bedarieux, in the Hérault department, on the southern coast of France.

The third woman whose whereabouts is unknown is Magali Blandin , 42, who disappeared on 10 February in the town of Montfort-sur-Meu, Ille-et-Vilaine, in north-western Brittany.

Finally, 41-year-old Anne-Frederic Obszynski disappeared after going for a run on February 21 in the town of Mery-sur-Oise dans le Val-d’Oise, which is located on the outskirts of the French capital, Paris.

A spokesman for the SCRC, the central criminal intelligence service, which works with the French police and gendarmerie, is quoted in the French newspaper Marianne as saying: “It is true that we are faced with a serial phenomenon.”

Agents are looking for possible connections between the four cases, although they have operated in the same way in all situations. “We do everything possible in terms of resources destined to the search for the disappeared persons in the first days; then, if we do not find them, we begin the scientific investigations.

Then our experts from the judicial part of the gendarmerie effectively try to see if there is the slightest link between these four cases , or at least between some of them, “said the SCRC spokesman.

So were the disappearances
Delphine Jubillar disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She is currently in the process of divorcing her husband Cedric and has reportedly been meeting with several men. Her husband was the main suspect, but police have found no scientific trace of the fighting conflict in or around the family home.

Delphine had been using the Badoo dating app and police canine units reportedly managed to track her down, up to a few kilometers from the family home before losing her trail.

Aurelie Vaquier disappeared with a suitcase but without means of transport or a mobile phone, according to her partner, named Samir. The woman, who sells jewelry and organic products, reportedly sent Samir a reassuring message on Facebook, but a few days later, after receiving no news, Samir became concerned and called the police.

Magali Blandin , separated from the father of her four children, is an educator. He disappeared one morning shortly before an appointment with his psychologist and his trail disappears near a stream.

His whereabouts are currently unknown, and while investigators believe he may have ended his life , they appear to have uncovered no evidence to support this theory and are exploring the possibilities.

Anne-Frederic Obszynski is a teacher. She is single and has no children. On Sunday, February 21, he reportedly parked his car near a bridge to go for a run. He has not been seen since.

According to Marianne , the police are investigating all possibilities and in all four cases, testimonies from friends and family suggest that none of these women had a reason to disappear.

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