Sun. Sep 26th, 2021

A beekeeper removes thousands of bees from a rooftop in Lepe with just a cap and a brush. The Local Police of the Huelva town has released the images on its Facebook account..

A beekeeper wearing only a cap and a brush has removed this afternoon a swarm of thousands of bees that had accumulated on a rooftop in Lepe (Huelva), getting all of them to be placed in a box to remove them without any damage.

The video that a neighbor has recorded has been disseminated by the Local Police on their official social networks, which has reported that at this time of year it is very common for many swarms of honey bees to move en masse, settling unexpectedly in urban places, as happened this afternoon on the roof of Rábida street in the Huelva municipality, where it was necessary to turn to a beekeeper after forming what is called ‘Swarm’.

The Police have recalled that this type of swarm is formed because the migration of bees from rural to urban areas is generalized, “and when a hive reaches maturity, it divides, so that the most adult queen moves with her swarm to form another colony. ”

“The agricultural environment has become a hostile environment for these insects: monocultures only offer one annual flowering, so they go hungry the rest of the year; agricultural pesticides poison them, and drought kills them of thirst,” he recalls.

For this reason, they remember that the swarms have a very low or no defensive behavior, “but if they feel threatened they can defend themselves en masse”, and they maintain that they should never be sprayed with insecticide, since they are very valuable and in recent years the population of bees has diminished considerably, in addition to the fact that “these insects, in addition to producing a very rich honey, help to maintain the balance in our ecosystem, because 80% of world pollination depends on bees”.

By Ray Kroc

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