The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Pros and Cons, Features, and more..

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk furnishes the gamer with an encounter of trains. The gamer is taken on an excursion on the Indian rail tracks. They will control the traveler trains and the payload trains. The game is given to the gamer to totally gratis. The game is created utilizing the most recent quality illustrations. It will give a top to bottom genuine like gaming experience. The trouble levels will test the different abilities and capacities of the gamer. The point is to continue to acquire abilities and become the best gamer out there.

The Indian Train Simulator game brings you into the Indian rail organization. The gamer persuades the chance to be a piece of the excursion of the stuff to work a train. The game will permit the gamer to work both traveler and load trains. The game flaunts an enormous assortment of uncommonly made trains. They can be opened by the gamer as the game continues. The gamer will finish different undertakings.


As the outcome they will scale the stepping stool of being the top gamer. The game has an assortment of gaming modes which will take the gamer as far as possible and won’t allow them to get exhausted of the ongoing interaction. In the event that you need to rapidly finish this excursion, you can evaluate Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk.

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Description 

The article will furnish the gamer with all the data needed for the game. The fundamental highlights and ongoing interaction will be shared. The gamer will likewise be offered the download cycle and the download connect. The admittance to the most recent form of the mod apk will likewise be shared.

Indian Train Simulator is a reproduction game that is made for Indian train fans. Created by Highbrow Interactive, the makers of Euro Train Simulator, this game allows you to drive prepares actually like, all things considered.

App Name Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk
Platform Android
MOD Features Unlimited Coins, Unlock All Trains & Unlock All Coaches
Size 137M
Version 2020.4.11
Category Simulation
Root Required? No
Price Free
Get it on Industrial It

The game flaunts an independent railroad climate with a completely acknowledged track evolving usefulness, a first in the versatile train recreation industry. These tracks highlight different genuine Indian stations that are intended to catch the vibe of the Indian railroad framework. More, the travelers in the game are additionally intended to look and dress like Indians.

Indian Train Simulator additionally accompanies a completely utilitarian flagging framework that allows you to see which different trains are involving your way. Moreover, the game is outfitted with smart AI prepares, each with controllable entryways for a more real feel. Indian Train Simulator accompanies three game modes, Express Mode, Play Now, and Drive.

Highlights of the Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

With regards to android hustling games, the gamer is offered with a restricted gaming content. This is the point at which the gamer gets exhausted of the ongoing interaction. The producers ensured that this isn’t the situation with the game. They planned the ongoing interaction with around 33 genuine railroad stations. These are planned with the best designs. The game offers the gamer with

  • Chennai
  • Bengaluru
  • Mumbai
  • Vadodara
  • New Delhi
  • Agra
  • Kolkata
  • Solapur
  • Anantpur
  • Pune
  • Borivali
  • Valsad
  • Surat
  • Bharuch
  • Anand railroad stations

The creators additionally planned the game with an immense assortment of trains. These are planned with due industriousness. They can be opened by the gamer throughout the game. At the point when you are driving a train, the primary central consideration comes as the train.

To be the awesome, gamer needs to overcome every one of the rivals by rapidly opening the top train. The game offers the trains as-

  1. WAP4
  2. WAP7
  3. WDG-3A
  4. WAP5
  5. WAG7
  6. WAG9
  7. WDP4

WDG4, WAG7- Tiger Face, WAM4, WCAM-3 and some more.

The game additionally has the best assortment prepares that are at any point made. The game contains each sort of very quick train to the load trains. The producers presented Duronto, Double-Decker, Deccan Odyssey, Shatabdi, Rajdhani, Garib Rath, Gatiman, Mahamana, Tejas Express and some more. This is only the traveler trains. There is an entire heap of payload trains which the gamer can open and play as the game continues to the higher stages.

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Pros and Cons, Features an

A game which depends on dashing, activity and driving can be made more intriguing with wonderful playback. The producers accomplish this by planning the game with around 25 video playback points. The sound playback likewise adds on to the activity and rush. The game is additionally planned with a photograph mode where the gamer can take the screen capture of the interactivity. This will help the gamer to flaunt their accomplishments.

The game is planned with 4 distinctive gaming modes. The moment mode permits the gamer to promptly begin playing. The drive mode is intended to test the abilities of the driver in unique track changing game recreation. The store mode offers around 90 diverse opened things which will improve the interactivity. The highbrow zone permits the gamer to collaborate with the engineers.


  • Very much Detailed Indian Train Stations
  • Different Camera Angles
  • Track Changing and Signaling System
  • Insightful AI Trains


  • Predetermined Number of Coaches
  • Necessities to Add More Routes
  • Occupies Large Storage Room
  • Here and there Lags or Crashes

New Details of Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk

The game spins around Indian trains. It very well may be made more captivating for the gamer if there is a benefit advertised. The changed form of the game offers the whole ongoing interaction opened to the gamer right toward the start.

This implies that the gamer doesn’t have to hang tight for longer terms for opening the distinctive gaming modes. This implies that the gamer can play the game according to their decision and inclinations. They can show their abilities directly toward the start of the game.


Being a driver you are liable for shipping merchandise and travelers to the stations as required. You reserve the privilege to look over various missions to get the ideal prizes.

Generally, the interactivity and controls of the game are very straightforward. Consistently, you will control the train and stop at the stations. When finished, you will get a reward and open the following level. Dashboards will be given around the edges of the screen.

The engineer has reproduced the cockpit truly, loaded with the controls of a train. Obviously, you will likewise work a similar way, turn over the motor, turn on the lights in the compartment, turn on the headlights, turn on the blinkers, turn on the wipers, press the horn and brake.

What’s more, the Indian Train Simulator likewise includes day and night cycles and climate impacts. These components are continually changing, and you need to adjust to be the most secure driving conceivable.

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Pros and Cons, Features an

Instructions to Install Train Simulator 

Introducing Train Sim World or Train Simulator on your new PC is truly simple. Here’s the secret:

To begin with, you’ll need to introduce Steam on your new PC. Go to click the green Install Steam button at the highest point of the page;

On the following screen, click the blue Install Steam button. You will be incited to download a record, select a fitting put on your PC, like your Desktop;

  • Double tap the downloaded SteamSetup.exe record;
  • Adhere to the on-screen guidelines to introduce Steam;
  • When finished, another Steam symbol will show up on your work area, double tap the symbol to stack Steam and enter your username and secret phrase to sign in.
  • Proceed with the directions beneath for whichever item you wish to introduce.

Indian Train Simulator- Graphics Settings

Watch the video plainly and adhere to the guidelines to set the best illustrations for the better gaming experience.

Indian Train Simulator is the profoundly expected train reproduction game from the stable of Highbrow Interactive, the makers of the super fruitful “Euro Train Simulator”.

Notwithstanding every one of the highlights that made Euro a particularly hit with the majority. It has practical and course explicit trains, travelers, fluctuated climate choices, full oversight over settings, and availability to a more assorted arrangement of clients through interpretations highlights like Track Changing and completely useful Flagging System.

The game is tied in with driving real Indian trains. The game is worked with both traveler and freight trains. There are overly quick express trains like shatabdi and a lot more load trains. These can be opened by the gamer over the span of the game. The game is planned utilizing the best quality designs which each give inside and out subtleties on the mentors.

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: Pros and Cons, Features an


The game additionally offers wonderful camera points and sound playback. The changed variant of the game offers the gamer with the possibility of getting the whole interactivity opened. This will assist them with playing all the gaming modes according to their comfort and decision. The gamer will actually want to advance their best foot at the underlying stages.

Indian Train Simulator 2018 is the new sensible Indian train driving and hustling round of 2018. Indian Train Simulator is the continuation of Indian Train Simulator 2017, It has great refreshed highlights and improved illustrations presenting to you another and amusing to play game play insight

Fun anticipates you through energizing and exciting levels to finish in this amazing reproduction. You can pick distinctive Train stations from where you need to begin your excursion, There are an assortment of train stations to pick. Experience how prepares are driven in the Indian sub-mainland in this reasonable test system.


The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk: How is the Gameplay?

The Indian Train Simulator Mod Apk outfits the gamer with an experience of trains. The gamer is taken on an outing on the Indian rail tracks. They will control the explorer trains and the payload trains. The Indian Train is given to the gamer for absolutely free.

The Indian Train Simulator is made using the latest quality outlines. It will give a start to finish real-like gaming experience. The difficulty levels will test the various capacities and limits of the gamer. The fact is to keep on obtaining capacities and become the best gamer out there.

The Indian Train Simulator: Gameplay

Being a driver, you are responsible for delivering products and voyagers to the stations as required. You save the advantage of investigating different missions to get the ideal prizes.

By and large, the intelligence and controls of the game are straightforward. Reliably, you will control the train and stop at the stations. At the point when completed, you will get a prize and open the accompanying level. Dashboards will be given around the edges of the screen.

The architect has repeated the cockpit genuinely, stacked with the controls of a train. Clearly, you will work a comparative way, start the engine, turn on the lights in the compartment, turn on the headlights, turn on the signals, turn on the wipers, press the horn, and brake.

Also, the Indian Train Simulator similarly incorporates day and night cycles and environmental impacts. These parts are constantly changing, and you need to acclimate to be the most secure driving possible.

Steps to Download: The Indian Train Simulator

  • Download the APK record utilizing the above after advances.
  • Once the download is finished, you will get a warning on your cell phone.
  • Once you have gotten the warning open your record director.
  • In the document Manager under the download alternative, you will track down the game MOD APK record in the organizer.
  • Snap-on the record, and you’ll discover a choice of introducing it.
  • Select the introduce choice, and you are good to go to play the game!

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Highlights of the Game

Limitless Coins: Under this, you can profit however many coins as could be allowed as the MOD APK is the unapproved or the hacked record which empowers you to get to every one of the difficult to reach highlights of the game.


Open Anything: You can open whatever number of trains as could be allowed and their mentors.

  • Effectively change the track
  • Incredible flagging
  • Programmed entryways
  • Time the board
  • Gather focuses on opening various levels.

The game is worked with both traveler and payload trains. There are overly quick express trains like Shatabdi and a lot more freight trains. The gamer can open these over the span of the game. The game likewise offers amazing camera points and sound playback.

The adjusted form of the game offers the gamer with the possibility of getting the whole interactivity opened. This will assist them with playing all the gaming modes according to their comfort and decision. The gamer will actually want to advance their best foot at the underlying stages.


Background To A Breakup In Murcia

To understand why Ciudadanos decided to stand before the PP in Murcia with a motion of censure agreed with the PSOE, we must go back to the night of the regional elections on May 26, 2019. In the hotel where Ciudadanos followed the count, the PSOE seat number 17 was celebrated as the goal of Spain that was worth a World Cup, recalls Juan José Molina, one of the six deputies of Cs.

They added an absolute majority (23 seats) with the Socialists and were going to throw the PP from power in Murcia after 24 years . They were exulting. But the all-powerful party leader had other plans. Albert Rivera was then surfing on polls that elevated him above the popular ones. Leaving Murcia in the hands of the PP was a lesser evil if La Moncloa was on the horizon.

Cs reached a pact with the PP, negotiated directly between the Murcian Teodoro García Egea (PP) and Rivera’s right-hand man, Fran Hervías . The confusion among the PSOE was total.

“From the first formal meeting with Cs we perceived that he was a paripe and that they were negotiating with the PP”, remembers the regional secretary of the PSOE in Murcia, Diego Conesa, that on the election night he looked president.

The deputies of the Assembly of Murcia and the councilors of Citizens in the City Council of the capital sealed coalitions in which they did not believe and several of them acknowledge having felt completely cornered these two years: “They considered us tenants, amateurs,” says Molina .

Until they said enough this week with a vote of no confidence and between accusations of corruption to the Popular Party. Ana Martínez Vidal, the coordinator of Cs Murcia, was also president . It only lasted 48 hours. On Friday the PP announced a pact with three defectors from Cs (half of the entire parliamentary group).

These are some of the keys that led Cs to gamble everything in Murcia despite not having tied the result.

Irregular vaccination. “In a city where the bishop sneaks in and gets vaccinated, much more should be put together, but here as long as there are flowers in the gardens and Holy Week processions, all is quiet,” says university professor María Carmen Sánchez Rojas. In the midst of a trickle of cases of public officials who had skipped the vaccination protocol throughout Spain, the Region of Murcia highlighted.

More than 400 officials and senior officials of the Ministry of Health were vaccinated irregularly, a scandal that ended with the resignation of the Minister of Health, forced by Citizens .

Ana Martínez Vidal maintains that the “real scope” of the fraudulent vaccinations is still unknown and anticipates that there will be many more. “That has been one of the fundamental reasons why we decided to present the motion of censure,” says the coordinator of Cs.

Permanent transplants. The malaise had been brewing for a long time. The rudeness was constant. The inauguration of a Citizen Councilor took place in a corridor and a simple piece of paper with zeal announced during the entire time that the Government lasted that the Executive spokesperson was hidden behind that door, in the hands of Martínez (Cs).

The vaccinations embarked the deputies of Citizens in a trickle of information, which still lasts, about new people vaccinated irregularly. Either they were unmarked or they would be “accomplices”, they argue.

Head-on collision at City Hall. But the finishing touch to a difficult relationship between the partners came from the capital. Mario Gómez had already been an uncomfortable opposition councilor.

Obsessed with the number of minor contracts (of less than 5,000 euros and subject to less supervision) that were made in the City Council of the capital, when he entered the city government, in addition to being deputy mayor, he assumed the powers to monitor and control hiring. He quickly realized, he says, that there were far more smaller contracts than necessary and began to study them diligently.

He discovered, according to his version, that the municipal police motorcycle maintenance service was always assigned to the same three companies. “I verified that the City Council always paid all bills to the same account number,” he explains to EL PAÍS.

It was the same workshop that presented three estimates in the name of a father, a mother and a daughter. That happened with other contracts: companies that turned out to be the same, finger awards or large works chopped up into numerous invoices to escape his control.

Gomez says he spoke to the mayor and asked for a change in his general services director and an audit, to no avail. They accused him, through a press release, of having paralyzed all the maintenance of the City Council. He began to feel harassed.

One morning, when leaving his house to take his daughter to school, he saw a graffiti addressed to him. He went to file a complaint with the National Police. Gómez said that he had been auditing municipal contracts for a few months and that this could have bothered someone.

The Police Economic and Fiscal Crimes Unit (UDEF) contacted him that same afternoon and asked for evidence. Gómez delivered more than three gigabytes of documentation, which are being investigated. It was the month of October 2020.

The case did not come to light until a week ago. The PP filed a criminal complaint against the deputy mayor for revealing secrets. “Infidelity in the custody of public documents is a serious crime,” say municipal sources, who respond that there is no open judicial process against the council nor is there any defendant.

“The minor contracts you are talking about are not a crime,” they say. Gomez defends himself: “It’s surreal.”

The situation became unsustainable. The regional coordinator of Ciudadanos-Murcia, Ana Martínez Vidal, urged the national leadership of Madrid to act now. A week later the motion of censure was presented.


Decisive Battle In The Center Right

Pablo Casado gambles his political future and mortgages that of the national PP to the attempted checkmate of Isabel Díaz Ayuso to Pedro Sánchez in Madrid. There are not many more plans. In the noblest floor of Genoa 13, the popular leader’s environment thus sums up his only strategy until the contest at the Madrid polls on May 4 :

“The great mistake of the Government and the Socialists has been to try to kill Ayuso at all costs. and thus create a monster. And they have achieved the opposite effect ”.

After a frantic week and that could be decisive for the future of the center-right in Spain, and after giving up the Murcian sainete with the frustrated motion of censure due to the three defectors of Ciudadanos , in the PP they already consider dead the formation led by Inés Arrimadas.

The ten leaders consulted by EL PAÍS coincide in this, both from Pablo Casado’s team and veterans, critics and regional barons. Many of them advise Casado not to be fooled by the peculiar political environment in Madrid and they bet that, even in the event that Ayuso engulfs all the votes and seats of Citizens, the PP does not fall into the temptation to govern at the Door del Sol with the extreme right of Vox .

After the commotion caused by the Murcian political earthquake , fear settled for a few hours in the offices of the central headquarters of the PP. And it was not just losing power in a territory as popular as Murcia, where the party’s general secretary, Teodoro García Egea, comes from, always in the spotlight.

This was followed by the chain of unexpected motions of censure and, above all, the turn of events in the jewel in the crown: the Community of Madrid.

The operation, as recognized by the leadership of the PSOE, was intended to disrupt Casado’s dream of recomposing the three center-right parties under his initials . Panic settled again in Casado’s team, which has lived behind the calendar and the crises since he won his leadership almost three years ago.

What they now see in the PP, near Casado, in the regional baronies and in the most critical and skeptical sectors is the death of Ciudadanos as happened to the UCD .

And also the complicated future relationship with Vox, especially depending on how far Isabel Díaz Ayuso stays from the 69 seats that will mark the absolute majority in the Madrid Assembly. Until now he had only 30. All analyzes of the future of the PP go through what happens to Ayuso on May 4.

Andrea Levy, a member of the current national management committee and Casado’s roommate since Mariano Rajoy signed both of them in 2015 to try to rejuvenate his executive, explains it like this: “These regional elections are going to be totally national in scope and what.

The best thing for Ayuso and Casado is that she will show that she is pulverizing the Ciudadanos project and that the PP takes over the entire center. The message after 4-M will be the outcome of what will happen in the center-right, with Vox only on the extreme right ”.

José Luis Ayllón, Rajoy’s former chief of staff, now a political consultant, emphasizes the idea of ​​all those consulted that this week the entelechy of the merger of the three parties in the center-right space ended:

“Ciudadanos was in liquidation and now It is going to disappear and the PP, which was in the middle, now could remain alone representing everything, but for that it has to show that it has the capacity to win and govern and that is still missing: no one has the feeling that if Sánchez were not there there Pablo Casado would be doing better ”, he says.

That lack, that of a solid leadership that is assumed by a transversal electorate as a true alternative to the Government of Sánchez and Pablo Iglesias, is exposed by several leaders from anonymity. But the internal criticism has been muffled enough this week after feeling in the PP attacked in an operation that they see designed from La Moncloa and betrayed by Arrimadas, whom Casado has wanted to take care of so much these months.

One of the veterans with the greatest electoral pull of the party, from the time of Manuel Fraga to Rajoy, sees both risks and benefits “in this drift with no return and impossible to recover with Ciudadanos.” Of course, depending on what Ayuso and Casado want to do after the 4-M elections with Vox.

And the former minister adds: “If Ciudadanos, as it seems in the latest polls, does not enter Parliament, Ayuso will go up and collect a large part of that vote, but he will not reach an absolute majority by a little . And then Vox will have the difficult position of allowing her to be president with her abstention, in a second vote, or to vote against and explain to her voters that they have allowed the left to govern ”.

Nobody foresees that this could happen, because it is also concluded that Ayuso has not cut off his relations with Vox and even less with his constituents. The reductionism of the left that “to vote for Ayuso is to govern with Vox” is opposed by the PP: “Not to vote for Ayuso is to vote for Iglesias.”

Francisco Núñez, president of the PP of Castilla-La Mancha, from Casado’s generation, is clear about what the dilemma has to be raised: “Here it will be chosen between Ayuso and Sánchez, between the PSOE with Podemos or continue with the proposals of a President who is committed to making Madrid stronger in its locomotive capacity for all of Spain ”, he says.

García Egea himself highlighted yesterday that only strategy for those elections at the closing of a party congress in Córdoba: “Madrid does not want any miniature government of Sánchez and Iglesias, Sánchez’s worst nightmare and concern is a very united PP, which pick up everything on Sánchez’s right, which is a lot ”.

The number two of the PP interprets that the party comes out throughout Spain of this crucial week with “a feeling of pride in belonging to an acronym.” And next to him, Juan Manuel Moreno, the Andalusian president, stressed his discomfort with Sánchez “for that board game, chess and thrones” sponsored, he said, from La Moncloa in the middle of the third wave of the pandemic.

After the debacle for the PP in the Catalan elections, which left them with four seats and without their own group, a mini-debate was opened in the party on its ideological and discourse definition. Some spoke of the need for a re-founding congress and the matter ended with a convention for the fall. Now the debate on what to do looms over the relationship with Vox and the implementation model throughout Spain.

Alfonso Rueda, vice president of the Xunta de Galicia and the candidate to succeed Alberto Núñez Feijóo, offers his formula: “The PP will be consolidated throughout Spain if it does so in all the communities, which are not the same, and national approaches are combined with actions adapted to the territories ”.

And about Vox he points out: “We must not be obsessed, we must take advantage of the disappearance of Ciudadanos quickly, make the party bigger and be seen, as in Galicia, as a useful party, with the possibility of governing.”


Sánchez Arrives At Confinement Anniversary With Another Possible State Of Alarm

This Saturday just a year ago since the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, appeared almost at dinner time at Moncloa to announce what was already feared, that the constant increase in coronavirus infections forced him to decree -the next day- a state of alarm to impose home confinement throughout the country.

365 days later, the pandemic is still with us, albeit in a much less virulent way, and we are heading towards the end of a second and longer state of alarm , lasting six months. It will be lifted on May 9 but the restrictions may not stay there. Sánchez faces this first anniversary of the pandemic open to the possibility of decreeing it for the third timeif the data is still not good enough.

While the conversations are filled with comments about how life has changed in the last year and the last times we did this or that thing before confinement, and newspapers, radios and televisions remember with specials the anniversary of that March 14 , the President of the Government has not planned any public event to commemorate the first anniversary of the first state of alarm, which was activated in some of the most traumatic moments of the pandemic.

According to the Government, after the extraordinary Council of Ministers on Friday, his public agenda will continue on Monday with a Spanish-French summit, in which he will meet with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron,in Montauban, where they will take the opportunity to visit the grave of Manuel Azaña.

In this apparent normalcy, the government machinery has already begun to contemplate the possibility that the state of alarm will continue beyond May 9 , when the second currently in force will be lifted.

The spigot was opened early on Friday by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias , and it was enlarged a little more hours later by the Government spokesperson, María Jesús Montero .

Everything, at the gates of a Holy Week in which Spain is playing that there is a fourth wave that would definitively disrupt the downward evolution of the pandemic at this time and that would make the possibility of another state of alarm more certain.

Darias did not rule out such a possibility. ” We have to see it, now what we are doing is lowering the incidence,” he said in an interview with RNE. Until now, the threshold indicated by the Government was a cumulative incidence (AI) of 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants but this Friday the Minister of Health narrowed it more.

When this figure is reached, we will seek to reach a “normal scenario”, in half, with an incidence of 25 cases.

“When these dates approach [May 9] the committee of experts will be consulted, the group of people who are advising Health and based on the prevalence and accumulated incidence we will adopt the decisions and it will be transferred if it is recommended to prolong or no, “Montero added shortly after from the Moncloa press room.

The Government affirms that at the moment it is “hasty” and that the decision has not been taken at the moment because it will depend on how controlled the pandemic is in May.

However, a third state of alarm is already an option that the Government does not rule out if the accumulated incidence is not at that moment in 50 cases per 100,000 inhabitants in 14 days or even in the “search” of that AI of 25 cases to which Darias referred.

This Friday, the general AI in Spain was 130.51 , following a constant decrease that, however, is becoming slower . It falls within the normal range according to experts, who say that it is easier to lower the figures when they are very high than when they are less.

Two different alarms
The first state of alarm that was decreed now a year ago was not the same as the second that has been in force since October. In March 2020 it was a home confinement and it was renewed for 15 days until it was lifted on June 21.

After the summer, the Government wanted and obtained from Congress a second state of alarm lasting six months but with notably more lax conditions , which today are based particularly on the restriction of movements between communities and limitations on social gatherings and night curfews.

In the first state of alarm, the central government concentrated all power , with decisions that, depending on the case, it communicated or tried to reach a consensus with regional leaders in the Conference of Presidents.

In October the model gave rise to the so-called ” co- governance”, the central government turned each regional president into delegated authorities and the Interterritorial Health Council, which brings together Darias with the advisers of the branch, relieved the Conference of Presidents as the star body.

At the gates of a Holy Week that will be crucial to see in what situation Spain will arrive on May 9, everything indicates that an eventual third state of alarm would maintain the current system of “surgical” measures within a catalog agreed upon by all the communities and applied according to their epidemiological situation.


A Beekeeper Removes Thousands Of Bees From A Rooftop In Lepe

A beekeeper removes thousands of bees from a rooftop in Lepe with just a cap and a brush. The Local Police of the Huelva town has released the images on its Facebook account..

A beekeeper wearing only a cap and a brush has removed this afternoon a swarm of thousands of bees that had accumulated on a rooftop in Lepe (Huelva), getting all of them to be placed in a box to remove them without any damage.

The video that a neighbor has recorded has been disseminated by the Local Police on their official social networks, which has reported that at this time of year it is very common for many swarms of honey bees to move en masse, settling unexpectedly in urban places, as happened this afternoon on the roof of Rábida street in the Huelva municipality, where it was necessary to turn to a beekeeper after forming what is called ‘Swarm’.

The Police have recalled that this type of swarm is formed because the migration of bees from rural to urban areas is generalized, “and when a hive reaches maturity, it divides, so that the most adult queen moves with her swarm to form another colony. ”

“The agricultural environment has become a hostile environment for these insects: monocultures only offer one annual flowering, so they go hungry the rest of the year; agricultural pesticides poison them, and drought kills them of thirst,” he recalls.

For this reason, they remember that the swarms have a very low or no defensive behavior, “but if they feel threatened they can defend themselves en masse”, and they maintain that they should never be sprayed with insecticide, since they are very valuable and in recent years the population of bees has diminished considerably, in addition to the fact that “these insects, in addition to producing a very rich honey, help to maintain the balance in our ecosystem, because 80% of world pollination depends on bees”.


All The Victims Have Disappeared In The Last Three Months

The French police are investigating the mysterious disappearances of at least four women in the last three months in different parts of the country and do not rule out that it is the work of a serial criminal.

As reported by The Sun , the women disappeared while at home or after having gone for a run, and they have not been heard from. The agents are working “with all possible hypotheses.”

The first woman sought is Delphine Jubillar , 33, from Cagnac-les-Mines, in the Tarn department, in southern France, and she has been missing since the night of December 15-16.

The second alleged victim is Aurelie Vaquier , 38, who disappeared on January 28 in the town of Bedarieux, in the Hérault department, on the southern coast of France.

The third woman whose whereabouts is unknown is Magali Blandin , 42, who disappeared on 10 February in the town of Montfort-sur-Meu, Ille-et-Vilaine, in north-western Brittany.

Finally, 41-year-old Anne-Frederic Obszynski disappeared after going for a run on February 21 in the town of Mery-sur-Oise dans le Val-d’Oise, which is located on the outskirts of the French capital, Paris.

A spokesman for the SCRC, the central criminal intelligence service, which works with the French police and gendarmerie, is quoted in the French newspaper Marianne as saying: “It is true that we are faced with a serial phenomenon.”

Agents are looking for possible connections between the four cases, although they have operated in the same way in all situations. “We do everything possible in terms of resources destined to the search for the disappeared persons in the first days; then, if we do not find them, we begin the scientific investigations.

Then our experts from the judicial part of the gendarmerie effectively try to see if there is the slightest link between these four cases , or at least between some of them, “said the SCRC spokesman.

So were the disappearances
Delphine Jubillar disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She is currently in the process of divorcing her husband Cedric and has reportedly been meeting with several men. Her husband was the main suspect, but police have found no scientific trace of the fighting conflict in or around the family home.

Delphine had been using the Badoo dating app and police canine units reportedly managed to track her down, up to a few kilometers from the family home before losing her trail.

Aurelie Vaquier disappeared with a suitcase but without means of transport or a mobile phone, according to her partner, named Samir. The woman, who sells jewelry and organic products, reportedly sent Samir a reassuring message on Facebook, but a few days later, after receiving no news, Samir became concerned and called the police.

Magali Blandin , separated from the father of her four children, is an educator. He disappeared one morning shortly before an appointment with his psychologist and his trail disappears near a stream.

His whereabouts are currently unknown, and while investigators believe he may have ended his life , they appear to have uncovered no evidence to support this theory and are exploring the possibilities.

Anne-Frederic Obszynski is a teacher. She is single and has no children. On Sunday, February 21, he reportedly parked his car near a bridge to go for a run. He has not been seen since.

According to Marianne , the police are investigating all possibilities and in all four cases, testimonies from friends and family suggest that none of these women had a reason to disappear.


ERC To start internal turbulences in CUP Table

The Parliament starts the legislature with a gafe number (13th), correcting and increasing the rhetorical challenge of the majority of pro-independence deputies.

The leadership of the Chamber has more sovereign members than ever and it is presided over by Laura Borràs , who opens with a speech of pulse against the “interference” of the State and promising – again – that this will be the key legislature for independence.

However, in the premiere of the new season the internal turbulences of the previous one continue: the CUP , despite entering the Table thanks to ERC, did not support Borràs, and the ‘comuns’ and ERC no longer hide that the Government of “wide road” with the brand of Jéssica Albiachit will not be possible.

Nor do the Republicans hide their anger with JxCat because the same day they gave their votes to Borràs, Puigdemont and Borràs herself did not guarantee their support for Pere Aragonès to be sworn in within fifteen days.

The voting of the Table reflected a large pro-independence majority (five seats out of seven), but also the combination of the two members of ERC and the two of the PSC add up to a majority in this decisive body of Parliament.

Until the last minute, the ‘comuns’ tried to wrest ERC’s support from one of their candidates, but the Republicans demanded gestures of support for Aragonès in return. However, the bridges between the two formations have not been broken.

Meanwhile, Junts decided to send the strongest voices against the State to Parliament. Some in the party see Borràs relegated to the background after failing to beat ERC in the elections.

Relegated her and relegated Jaume Alonso-Cuevillas , secretary of the Table and also a figure of the most radical unilateralist sector.